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By improving on traditional spreader designs, Landaco Equipment has established itself as a market leader in terms of quality, strength, versatility and ease of operation.

Landaco spreaders offer notable advantages over other spreaders on the market. The unique features and benefits built into every Landaco spreader have been tried and tested over 30 years, and have proven to be superior to other machines in this category.

Models available range from the compact 3 point linkage belt spreaders through to the massive 25 tonne tractor drawn Maxispread T250.

You will receive continual professional results with the easy to operate Landaco Bulk Fertiliser Spreader.


Landaco Equipment supplies bulk fertiliser spreaders for every application - from broadacre spreading to row cropping, golf courses, macadamia farming, vineyards and dairy.

"Make it Grow with a Landaco"

Designed in Australia, Landaco Spreaders are able to spread the full range of materials available to all facets of farming, from the lightest granulates, powders and manures to the heavier gypsum and wet lime, Landaco spreaders will convey material of any texture from microfine particles to broken bricks.

Landaco Spreaders will effectively spread lime, super, urea, gypsum, seeds, dolomite, map, dap, cotton trash, crusher dust, chicken litter, pig and cow manure.

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